Serious first aid that needs to be reported includes medication errors, incidents where children required medical attention or where parents were advised to seek medical attention, or where parents have been contacted to collect their child early.

Staff, child, school, family, public or outside agency grievances are reported here.

Staff are able to make mandatory notifications, however we strongly encourage reporting to us beforehand. Immediate reporting by phone may be necessary depending on the circumstances.

Send through a notification if a parent is requesting a single week change to their Direct Debit transaction - e.g. to suspend payment for the week, take out a lesser or higher amount than nominated as the maximum etc.

Serious behaviour management incidents worthy of report include where children have been given a consequence of internal suspension, or where approval is being sought for external suspension, a child has been sent home, the incident involved serious violence, or if it involves ongoing bullying.

Any risk, hazard or incident relating to WH&S needs to be reported.

Any incident categorised by ACECQA as a 'Critical Incident' must be passed on as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the session (as formal reports must be passed on to a number of agencies within 24hours). Click here for a list of immediately notifiable critical incidents.

Let us know if a password has needed to be changed so it can be stored on our master file.

Staff arriving late to shifts, or not arriving at all, and work performance management issues need to be reported.

Any outside agency wanting to contact or visit the service needs to be reported. This could include emergency services attending, validation or spot checks, Families SA with information about a family etc.

Any other form of general reporting (e.g. running low on specific food supplies, request for purchase of craft/sporting etc. supplies, specific questions you need to ask us) can be put through here