Jamie Hutchison

Diploma in Children's Services

I started working in OSHC at the age of 18 and have been working in the industry since.

It all started out because I wanted to go to the movies for free (I love kids movies!) as my mum asked if I wanted to go to along with her at the OSHC she worked at. I went along and I was offered a job that day by the director. It didn't take very long for me to realise that working with children was for me,

OSHC is not only fun but it is a great, diverse career. I believe that as OSHC educators we can positively influence children's lives throughout their whole time at primary school. OSHC educators have the ability to build long standing relationships with the children and their families.

I love spending time at home with my wife Amy and our two sons Xavier and Lucas. When I'm not at work or at home with my family, you will find me out playing golf or fulfilling my duties as Captain of my CFS.

Nick Smith

Bach. Health Sciences

Bach. Education Middle and Secondary

I beg.an my OSHC journey at the age of 19, when the man on my left here gave me an opportunity at The Pines OSHC!

I believe it is fantastic how much more professional and important OSHC has become over the past 10 years. It is certainly no longer a baby sitting service, but an extension to school as its own educational setting (although I believe OSHC and school to be very different in the way they are organised!).

I am extremely passionate about helping children to grow and develop as human beings. If one child's day is made better by my involvement in it then I am a happy man.

I come from a big family (seven children plus mum and dad) and have always loved being in an active, playful, sometimes messy and chaotic environment - which is exactly how OSHC should be.

I now live with my wife, enjoy playing sports and travelling, and hope to continue to grow Happy Haven OSHC to its fullest potential.